By William Newton-Wordsworth // Album available here: Click Here

Why is “Gospel Gladness” the greatest Gospel album ever recorded – because the music and lyrics have come from God, and He is great! Who can write greater music than what comes from Our Father! Kelly Is a musical prodigy who taught herself to play guitar at the age of 6 in a weekend. Like Mozart, who heard the music and wrote it down, the music words and lyrics are poured into her and she catches the songs and brings them into this world for the benefit of those who are seeking.


“Gospel Gladness” is a collection of songs that came from God and are like living water, a balm that heals, uplifts, strengthens, inspires, as well as instructs, because they are in accordance with scripture. Kelly’s music has triggered deep healing for many people. The “Golden Girl”, multiple Olympic gold medal winner Betty Cuthbert, cried for half an hour after hearing Kelly sing her song “Lest we forget”. Many healings have come from the songs of Gospel Gladness, depression has been lifted, people have been strengthened to help them achieve miracles that they needed in their lives, and many have been uplifted and had their spirit soothed.


One lady who heard Kelly’s song “Proud to be a housewife” on the radio when she was in the process of leaving her husband for ever, turned her car around and drove home. Kelly is one of the most faith filled, positive and inspirational people on this earth, and her music reflects this and imparts it to those who listen.


The “Gospel Gladness” story


Many of the songs on “Gospel Gladness” were written and the album was recorded in Bangkok, Thailand. Our Father took Kelly to Thailand at a time when there were tumultuous happenings politically in the country. He did many miracles using Kelly to make a big difference in the political situation in Thailand, as well has having Kelly to himself so he could give her the songs He wanted her to write for “Gospel Gladness”.


Kelly arrived in Thailand knowing one person and within 8 months she sang at the King of Thailand’s 80 th Birthday to a crowd of 500,000 people. This came about because she wrote the song “Long live the King of Thailand” to honour King Bumibol, who was an outstanding human being and much loved by his people. As this song became famous in Thailand, Kelly was asked to perform on the People’s Alliance for Democracy (“PAD”) stage at the occupied Government House in Bangkok. This brave group of people were and still are standing for democracy and against corruption in Thailand. Kelly sang regularly at the PAD stage for often around 200,000 people who would come from around Thailand to take a stand for their country and their future.


It was a potentially dangerous situation and one night Our Father warned Kelly to leave the stage telling her 3 times to “LEAVE NOW!”. After Kelly left a bomb went off under the stage where she was performing. Kelly was singing at the International Airport when it was closed down by the PAD protesters, which led to the resignation of the then government. Many people do not know that the Auditor General of Thailand who first discovered the mounting corruption in the Government of — — Thaksin, is a Christian who told the truth and could not be bought off. Our Father took Kelly to Thailand to make the difference that she could make for that country – to strengthen them with her songs and her speaking at churches. It was a potentially dangerous time for Kelly when He alone was her protection as she stood with Him for an honest and free Thailand. In this tumultuous and dangerous time of great faith and closeness with Our Father, He gave Kelly the album “Gospel Gladness”, which is to make a difference for all the people in the world, by bringing them the truth, power and gladness of the Gospels.


Jesus and men such as King David, lived in dangerous times and situations, and out of it brought great words, writings and music for our benefit. “Gospel Gladness” has come out of Kelly’s journey with God to overcome her own weaknesses and Satan’s dangers and snares, to come to the gladness and joy of truly living the life Jesus came to bring her. “Gospel Gladness” can uplift, heal and strengthen you to help you have this in your life.

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